i've been married to my soulmate, beau, since 2013. we first "dated" in middle school & we had a connection that brought us together time and time again. 

⭒ i have three cats, raven, reggie, + ruby, who love to help me edit (aka lay on my keyboard) 

⭒ i love anything spicy, prosecco, coffee, & i'm always down to try a new meal or restaurant

⭒ i'm a huge advocate for endometriosis + infertility. we hope to have a child through IVF in the coming year! 

some fun facts:

i'm a 27 year old gal from georgia, with a big heart for making memories, travel, + spending time with the people i love. i'm so thankful to work with a team of my best friends.

A little more about me

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haley is a gem with all things behind-the-scenes, from editing photos to creative projects. she has been with abp since 2016 as a photo + administrative assistant. 

lindsey is my go-to gal when it comes to adventure. she is lead videographer + second shooter for abp. she's been my right hand + travel partner since 2019. 


my fav gear

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golden light studio


a creative space in carrollton, ga 
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